No. 1149
Mar. 19, 2019

The Psychological “Trick” I Used To Make The Girl Of My Dreams Fall In Love With Me…

After years of rejection I FINALLY discovered how to make beautiful women obsess over me and BEG to be my girlfriend using “3 Innocent Questions”

A polaroid image of ronan image of ronHey, I’m Ron, and that’s me in the video with my new girlfriend.

She’s in love with me…which is weird to say because up until a few months ago––women hated me.

Get this:

I’m in my early 40s, my hair is thin and patchy, but only on my head because everywhere else I’m hairy as a grizzly bear. My shirts fit snug because I haven’t been to the gym in 7 years.

I’ve been told I look like the kind of guy who would drive a windowless van around a high school asking young girls if they like ice cream. (This is literally how a woman chose to explain why she didn’t want to go on a date with me.)

Up until recently, the only time I’d ever get laid was if I paid for it.

And maybe all that wouldn’t have been so bad if I wasn’t constantly surrounded by gorgeous women who refused to have sex with me.

I’m a professional photographer and I take photos of beautiful women for work. Every day (and night) I see girls with bodies designed in labs prance around in almost nothing.

In fact, this is Becca, my roommate and an ex-client of mine. She actually walks around the apartment like this, and it used to drive me crazy.

I tried every trick in the book to get her to sleep with me, but she would always refuse, telling me that she “didn’t want to ruin our friendship.” Oh, it would kill me every time.

What’s worse is when I’d did her laundry (she didn’t know how to use the machine). I would find different guys’ cream-stained underwear mixed with her panties. It was torture.

And they were always the type of guys I am not: tall, rich, pulling in up in fast cars, looking like they just stepped off an underwear package.

This was pretty common, until one morning when everything changed…

It was early on a Sunday and I was sorting Becca’s laundry, then out of her room walks this guy…who looked nothing like the guys she usually dates.

In fact, he looked just like me. He grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl, tossed his undies into the pile I was sorting, winked at me and walked out of the apartment.

I was stunned. How could that guy be having sex with her?!

Then Becca stumbled out, half-naked, smiling. She looked at me and started laughing.“I know what it looks like…but I just couldn’t help myself. I didn’t even like him at first, but it he just asked me these 3 questions and walked away…after that I couldn’t stop thinking about him. Next thing I know, we’re back here having sex!”

Usually I would have been upset, but instead, I decided to get answers. I needed those 3 questions…somehow they seemed to be the secret to getting drop-dead gorgeous women to sleep with you.

So I waited until Becca was in the shower, and started going through her phone. I sent a text to the last number that called her.

“I need u inside me. Come…quick! xoxo”

I felt like such an asshole, but I had to get those 3 questions. Five minutes later he responded:

“:) Already? Give me 2 hours. You’ll just have to wait…”

I deleted the messages and put Becca’s phone back. 30 minutes later, she took off for work. An hour and a half after that, I heard a knock on the door.

When I opened the door, the guy from earlier squinted his eyes at me curiously.

“Where’s Becca?”

“It was me that sent you the message…I just need to know you’re secret, man…I’m begging you!”

He first looked like he wanted to punch me in the face. And I wouldn’t have blamed him if he did. But then…he just started laughing. A little at first, then harder until he couldn’t breathe.

“Ya know…when I saw you there this morning, doing her laundry, I felt really bad for you. No man should ever have to do that…let’s talk.”

He told me his name was Vin, and that he teaches guys how to use a scientific breakthrough to bypass a woman's decision making process, making it possible to implant anything you want into her subconscious.

I told him that it sounded complicated, and he laughed some more.

“That’s what most guys think…but it’s actually really easy.”

He then broke it down for me:

How to Use the 3 Innocent Questions to Make Her Sexually Addicted to You

If YOU hit on a woman first, 90% of the time she thinks you're desperate and she rejects you.

If SHE hits on you first 90% of the time you can play it cool, lay back and let her chase her way into your pants.

“Ron, think of any girl you like or if you can't think of one, picture a girl who's perfect face and body you'd love to be with right now. I’m going to give you 3 simple questions you can use in an easy, everyday conversation with her.

The questions are totally innocent by themselves but when used in the right order at the right time, they are going to force her to reveal the exact information you need to fuck her. And because you're practically reading her mind…not only will you always say the right thing to turn her on, you'll always know what to never say so that you don't her off.

Then, you simply wait…in the next few minutes expect her to suggest going somewhere more secluded or private...she might say something like "let's go outside for a walk”, "let's go for a drive" or what Becca told me last night…”let me give you the tour of my apartment. I don’t think I have to tell you what happens after that.”

I went out to a club later that night excited to put the 3 questions to use. And even though I saw how powerfully they work on Becca, I was surprised at how well they worked for me. I would just ask the questions to any hot girl that walked by…and that’s it. 5–10 minutes later, she would always come back. Like I had a magnet in my pocket pulling gorgeous women straight towards me.

I left that night with the hottest woman in the club, we made love the very next morning, and I’m still with her now.

After that, I couldn’t stop telling my friends about the 3 innocent questions and how they make women become sex-crazed and horny. Then one day my friend sent me this video. It’s a short presentation about Vin, his secret CIA history, and it spills the beans on the 3 innocent questions and how to use them.

This information in this video has transformed the way I see women and dating forever. I’ve shared it with friends, and they’ve had similar (if not more) success. It’s only 3 innocent questions and they’re really easy to use, they sound natural and women never expect it.

I only tell you this because I wish I had found this video 20 years earlier than I did—it would have saved me years of frustration and given me the sex life I always wanted, and knew that I deserved. I’m sure it will do the same for you.


PS. You can use the 3 Questions in this video to stand out from all the other guys at a party, bar or night club because you'll have an unfair advantage, you'll end up getting the girl that EVERYONE else wants. No more rejection and sitting at home alone with no one to call. This will change your life.

Watch it here: